The final season of ‘Gotham‘ is coming to Fox and with the Bruce Wayne officially transitioning into Batman, it looks like he’ll be getting a new Batcave to save his city from. While we don’t have an actual shot of the new Batcave to check out, set designer and assistant art director Jonathan Collins has shared the designs for the Caped Crusader’s new base of operations. A cave has already been discovered by Bruce and Alfred under Wayne Manor on the show, but these new shots are showing that we’ll see something much larger when the series returns. From these appearances, it would seem that it is large enough to potentially include a Batmobile and more.

The “cave” which we’ve seen so far was a secret office for Thomas Wayne where he kept information and research on Wayne Enterprises that was hidden away from the world. Much of it was there to investigate crimes that the company’s owner believed were being committed unbeknownst to him. Alfred, Bruce, and even Lucius Fox know about it but haven’t been using it too often after it was initially introduced.

The photo was shared on Instagram with the quote of “When your old cave is too small for your new cave. #setdesign”. While it has now been removed, we all know that once something has been posted to the Internet, it is never really gone. Here is what ended up online:

This is much larger than Thomas Wayne’s lair and doesn’t even seem to paint the full picture of what we could end up seeing. The fourth season of ‘Gotham’ had Bruce receiving a vision of his future and in it, there was a tease of a new cave to call his home base for waging his war on Gotham’s criminals.

Are you excited that Bruce Wayne will have a larger Batcave when ‘Gotham’ returns? Do you think that we’ll see most of the Batman action beginning in his new lair? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: We Got This Covered