Doctor Who

The eleventh season of long-running sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who’ will bring several new elements that the show has never featured. Not only is the Doctor a female for the first time in 55 years, the new season will feature more CGI special effects than ever before.

‘Doctor Who’ has come a long way with visual effects since the time of using cardboard boxes and papier-mâché to create alien races and landscapes. And while the show has tried to make itself more cutting edge in recent seasons, there is always room for improvement.

The new series director Jennifer Perrott spoke to ‘Doctor Who’ magazine about the new effects, saying:

“I did have a zany action sequence in studio where we just had the actors, green screen and fans blowing their hair – the entire world around them will be created with visual effects. I can’t wait to see what those geniuses at [effects house] DNEG create for that.”

Perrott also explained that she binge-watched episodes of the classic show before directing her episodes. She said:

“Space travel has become more a part of modern life since the 1980s, when I last watched the show religiously. I can see how this has opened the door for more human stories to be told amidst the escapist fantasy of saving the world from alien invasion.”

She added:

“The aliens are now as emotionally complex as the humans, and I was really excited by that.”

While fans have the amped up visuals to look forward to, ‘Doctor Who’ writers have teased that the upcoming season will feature much darker storylines than past seasons. Pete McTigh described his episode as “creepy”, while Joy Wilkinson and Ed Hime said theirs will be “dark” and “spooky”.

Young Adult novelist and ‘Who’ writer Malorie Blackman told ‘Doctor Who’ Magazine that she was excited by the challenge of writing for such a vast audience. She said:

“Part of the joy of writing for ‘Doctor Who’ is to try to surprise your audience, no matter what their age. I love unpredictability – where you introduce the unexpected, even into a story the audience may already think they know.”

It sounds like Whovians have a lot to look forward to when ‘Doctor Who’ returns to BBC One later this year!

Source: Express