Domnhall Gleeson

Love or hate ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, fans of the “Star Wars” franchise would do almost anything for an early look at the script for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX‘ though one man who has read it now wishes that he hadn’t. In preparation for returning as General Hux, Domnhall Gleeson has already read the script for the endcap to the Skywalker Saga and now regrets having made that decision.

Now, there is always the chance that Lucasfilm has gone the direction of Marvel Studios and is sharing fake scripts with their cast but if not, then Gleeson is now going to be hounded by the press and fans alike for potential spoilers on the film.

According to the actor:

“I made the terrible mistake of reading the script, I know everything. The nightmare is falling asleep on public transport… The nightmare is you wake up on a plane, and someone’s dictating. You wake up, and your mouth is shaping words, you wake up, and you’re like ‘Skywalker did this.’ And then you realize you don’t know how long you’ve been speaking, and there’s a kid filming, there’s somebody writing it down. And because you’re in the air, you say ‘We need to have a talk before we land, I can access my bank account.'”

With everything else being stated here it probably would be remiss to not focus in on the line that ‘Skywalker did this.’ Clearly, the line will make you wonder if Luke or Anakin could have a significant role in the upcoming film or he was just using the deceased Jedi as an example to throw people off the scent of what we can expect in the final outing of this trilogy.

As the actor recently called the movie “epic” at a recent event and had every outlet reporting on the use of the single descriptor, this makes it even more painful that every comment he makes about the film going forward will be overly analyzed to death – even more so now that everyone will know that the actor has read the script and knows what is coming.

We wish much luck to Gleeson that he doesn’t pull any Tom Holland slips once press tours for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ begins.

Source: Happy Sad Confused