Iron Fist season 2

Marvel and Netflix really, really want to make sure we all understand that they learned their lesson from Season 1 of ‘Iron Fist,’ and Season 2 is going to be a very different story in terms of choreography and stunts. So much so that they brought in the stunt choreographer from ‘Black Panther,’ Clayton Barber, who pushed for the actors to do all of their own stunts and fight scenes, which the entire cast seemed very game for, especially after the reaction to Season 1 where fans called out the series for the heavily edited action where it was clear that Finn Jones was not doing most of his own fights.

To show off the new visceral style and action-packed upcoming season, Marvel/ Netflix has released a new featurette (which you can check out for yourself below), which highlights the work put into all of the choreography, and some of the style that they were shooting for in the new season. In the words of star Finn Jones:

“There’s an edge to the choreography. There’s just a kind of relentless, visceral, energy to it.”

With Jessica Henwick stating:

“It’s quite a different style from season 1.”

While Season 2 stunt choreographer Barber adds:

“I really set out to make a punk rock song. So we focused on rhythm and tempo and things like that.”

From everything we have seen thus far, it seems Barber’s work has paid off and then some, as all of the action looks incredible and far superior to almost anything in Season 1, even managing to elevate Henwick’s fights which were already the best the show had in its freshmen season. I personally am looking forward to seeing the fights with Typhoid Mary and the show-downs between Danny and Davos as the season progresses, and to see more of Colleen in action, as she was my favorite in Season 1. I hope to see her continue to be an action lead in the second season.

Make sure to check out the video for yourself below!