‘Iron Fist’ Season Two may introduce a ‘Daredevil’ supporting character, but it seems that the man who created him knew nothing about it.  ‘Daredevil’ comic book writer Charles Soule introduced a character named Sam Chung, who wears a suit that turns him invisible and goes by the name Blindspot.  In Soule’s comics, Blindspot works as a sort-of sidekick to Matt Murdock.

Soule noticed that an actor named James Chen had been cast as Sam Chung in the upcoming season of ‘Iron Fist’ and posted a message reacting to that on Twitter:

Sam Chung first appeared in the ‘All-New, All-Different Marvel Point One’ one shot that was released after the most recent ‘Secret Wars’ event.  Soule has used Chung/Blindspot 16 times during his ‘Daredevil’ run.  Chen will appear in four episodes of the upcoming season of ‘Iron Fist’, 2, 8, 9 and 10.  The season consists of ten episodes, so it looks as though Chung will pop up early on, in episode two, only to come back and play a more important role as the series climaxes.

Soule said:

“I don’t know anything about his role, whether he is or will be Blindspot.  But I mostly hope they keep his background from the comics. We’ll see! Fantastic either way.”

It’s no secret that the first season of ‘Iron Fist’ was poorly received and is considered the weakest entry in the Netflix/Marvel line of programs.  With a new showrunner, Raven Metzner, in place, the show is looking to right those wrongs, including upping the standard of the fight scenes.  Davos (Sacha Dhawan) returns and is a bigger threat than ever, taking on the guise of the Steel Serpent.  In addition, Alice Eve joins the cast as Typhoid Mary.

Are you a fan of Blindspot?  Are you excited that he will be included in the Netflix Marvel Universe?

‘Iron Fist’ season two will be available on Netflix on September 7th.