To say that Batman is a hugely popular superhero would be a gross understatement. Because of things like Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy which ended last year with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Scott Snyder’s ‘Death of the Family’ storyline currently going on in the comics, and excellent animated films like ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns’, it’s a great time to be a Batfan. But nothing beats the classics such as the TV series that aired in the 1960’s starring Adam West and Burt Ward that holds a special place in the hearts of generations of fans of the Caped Crusader. That’s why when it came time for the original Batmobile to go to a new owner, figures ventured well into the millions for one lucky fan to drive the fabled vehicle of Gotham’s greatest guardian.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of six of the original Batmobiles that were produced for the ABC show went up on the auction block at the Barrett-Jackson house in Scottsdale, Arizona. When all was said and done, businessman and car collector Rick Champagne came out on top and placed the winning bid of $4.6 million, which resulted in the sale tying the record set by the Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in ‘Goldfinger‘ in 2010 for highest price fetched for a movie car at auction.

Legendary Hollywood car customizer George Barris constructed the Batmobile in 1966 in only 15 days. Using a 1955 Ford Futura concept car that was purchased for $1, the whole thing, including a Batphone and an oil squirter, was put together for $15,000. This street legal piece of television and superhero history sat in Barris’ collection since the end of the show until this past weekend when Champagne, a 15-year veteran of Barrett-Jackson auctions, took it home where he plans to display it in his living room by tearing down a wall.

Now the only thing left for Champagne to do is get a Batcowl and drive the car around town like the guys of ‘Comic Book Men’ did in the season 1 episode, ‘Life After Clerks’.

Would you dish out that much dough to own the Batmobile? Is this even the model that you’d go for? Share with us in the comments which Batmobile you’d own and why!