Remy Hii

Australian actor Remy Hii is the latest cast member added to ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ which is currently filming in England.  His role has not been revealed, not even how large it is, so no use speculating whether or not he is playing a huge Marvel superhero or villain when he could just be playing an original role that has one scene or anything in between.

Hii joins his former ‘Marco Polo’ costar Benedict Wong as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Wong, whose Marvel character is also named Wong, debuted in the MCU in 2016’s ‘Doctor Strange’ and resurfaced earlier this year in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.  Hii played Prince Jingim on Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’, but has mostly worked on less ambitious Australian shows like ‘Neighbors’, ‘Sisters’ and ‘Better Man’.  He currently stars as Simon Van Reykon the police procedural ‘Harrow’ opposite Ioan Gruffudd, an actor who has also played a Marvel superhero, Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic in Fox’s first two ‘Fantastic Four’ movies.

Last year, Hii starred in the low budget Australian thriller ‘2:22’ and will be seen in the romantic comedy ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ this weekend, which is getting strong early buzz.  ‘Far From Home‘ will only be Hii’s third movie, but it is certainly his biggest yet.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ is being directed by ‘Homecoming”s Jon Watts.  Tom Holland returns as the headlining hero.  He is joined by Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes/The Vulture, Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Zendaya as Michelle Jones and Hemky Madera as shopkeeper Mr. Delmar, all returning from the first movie.  It doesn’t appear that Tony Stark will be showing up, after playing a large part in ‘Homecoming’, but Peter will get a little help from the larger MCU in the form of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill.  Jake Gyllenhaal joins as villain Quentin Beck/Mysterio, while Numan Acar is reported to be playing Dmitri Smerdyakov, a.k.a. The Chameleon.  J.B. Smoove has also been added in an unknown role, after appearing as Peter’s driving instructor in an Audi commercial.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ will swing into theaters on July 5, 2019.

Source: The Wrap