My Spider-Sense is tingling that Sony is once again making a huge mistake as they push forward with their own cinematic universe of Marvel Characters based off of Spider-Man. We recently learned that the studio has access to over 900 characters from Marvel which can’t appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe without a deal being cut with Sony and that they plan on using them.

With these characters, the studio plans on creating what they are calling the SUMC, or “Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.” It isn’t clear if this is just an internal name or what we can expect going forward to see this everywhere but a lot of it will likely depend on how well ‘Venom‘ is received at the box office. Sony has been struggling for years to make ‘Spider-Man’ work on the big screen, and it wasn’t until they inked a deal with Marvel Studios that they were able to have some kind of success.

It’s hard to imagine that they’re going to try and go back down that rabbit hole without Marvel’s help once again but this is where we stand.

Outside of ‘Venom’ we know that the studio also plans on releasing films based on Morbius The Living Vampire, Jackpot, and what was once a joint film has also been split into separate films which will focus on Black Cat and Silver Sable. There are other projects in the works as well such as one based on Kraven the Hunter, Silk, and Nightwatch. It should also be noted that Jackpot was initially slated to be part of an all-female team which also included Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman, Stunner, and Dusk though it isn’t clear if this movie would lead into that or if they will cancel it.

That is potentially eight projects in various stages of pre-development not including ‘Venom.’

I’m finding it hard to get excited about this upcoming franchise and Spider-Man has traditionally been my favorite Marvel superhero.  Many of these characters are so closely tied to The Wallcrawler that there will need to be considerable changes to their stories to make this work.

Are you excited for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters? Do you think that the SUMC can live up to the expectations of moviegoers who love movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Variety