Star Trek: Discovery

CBS All Access has been beaming one showrunner after another off ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and now the studio is opening up as to what is happening behind the scenes.

When the series was first announced as an ongoing anthology series, it was revealed that Bryan Fuller would be in charge of the first season but ended up leaving early on. Following his departure, we saw Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg take on the role as co-showrunners throughout the first season. However, they ended up being fired due to how they behaved in the writers’ room where it is said that their work was “increasingly abusive” to the writing staff.

This brings us to today where Alex Kurtzman has been tapped as the showrunner for the upcoming second season. CBS All Access EVP of original content Julie McNamara said this about his new position:

“I think the good news in this most recent situation is that Alex has always been very much involved creatively from early on and very much aware of what was going on in the writers’ room with long arc storytelling and episodic storytelling. He got the vibe of the show we were all trying to create; he’s been on set a lot, he directed the first episode this season. So, it ended up from that standpoint being pretty seamless. Look, it’s never fun when there is change, and people leave, but, in this case, with Alex and bringing in James Duff to help, who is such a pro and a great person, we’ve been able to move forward without much of a hiccup.”

CBS TV Studios president David Stapf went on to share that Duff wasn’t a co-showrunner on the series though and would be Kurtzman’s, right-hand man:

“He’s an enormous fan of Star Trek, and it’s been really wonderful that we’ve had really talented people coming out of the woodwork the last three years to say, ‘I would give anything to work on Star Trek, I love Star Trek.’”

With all these accolades, I’m sure we all hope that he can manage things better than what we ended up seeing from the Universal Classic Creature Feature franchise.

While more fans have enjoyed ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ than not, there have been quite a few issues with the series playing fast and loose with canon which are problems that are rumored to be resolved in the second season.

Do you think that Alex Kurtzman will be able to give us a solid second season to ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? What are your thoughts on how the streaming network has handled the situation so far? Live long and your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline