This episode starts out as confusing as most, for ‘Haven’ at least. A man, seemingly fed up with his slovenly twin brother, puts three bullets in him as he eats his pancakes.

He goes about his business, gets in his car and changes the radio station from hard rock to classical. As he closes his eyes to collect his thoughts, his brother pulls a gun on him from the back seat. What?

Enter the Grey Gull, the sloppy, irritating brother comes in to ask Duke questions about a boy named Henry, who is helping Duke at the bar. Duke politely asks him to leave via his automatic. Henry escapes out the back as the firefight escalates.

Nathan and Audrey come in to take his statement. Once they leave, Duke grabs his handgun and shotgun and leaves despite Evy’s better judgment.

At the man’s house Duke led them to, they talk to the man, who says he’s been home all day. As another car pulls up with his brothers driving, they give chase. When he pulls into an abandoned factory, Duke is there, once again trading bullets with Cornell, or his brother, or?

The man dies, and another one, a carbon copy it seems, takes his place and escapes into the factory. Duke, Nathan and Audrey go in after him. If this were any other town, Duke would have been cooling his heels in lock-up right about now. Instead, he joins the chase.

They find Henry, who was hiding in the wall behind a loose section of unfinished drywall. The shooting begins again as Nathan and Audrey become separated from Duke and Henry. They encounter Cornell, who explains that they are chasing one of his copies. He then takes them to a room where a pile of his “copies” lie lifeless on the floor. As he explains it, he keeps thinking of them as his copies, they have all his memories, they look exactly like him, but he can’t stop them. They seem to be the worst part of him, his darker side, and they are strangely intent on killing Henry.

Nathan heads out to find the “Cornell Copy” and Audrey stays behind with Cornell. Duke and Henry have a heart to heart, and Nathan comes face to face with, a “Cornell Copy?” This copy says he just got there, and lives ten miles away, “you were there!” he says, and the sudden realization hits. Nathan bolts out of the room to find Audrey, who is actually with the copy and not Cornell like they first thought.

Audrey, however, is no one’s fool. As “Cornell” takes out the silver coin he was playing with at Duke’s, which Duke told them about in his report – Audrey orders him to leave it alone when he drops it. But he gets the better of her and takes her gun. Audrey has a very complex and compelling conversation with him about copies, memories, being real, and then she says that the fact she has the memories of an FBI agent, gives her the ability to – as she takes him down, grabs her gun and cuffs him to a large pipe.

Audrey meets back up with Duke and Henry, and whatever it is that we call Cornell. Henry ran back to his hiding place to retrieve his father’s Purple Heart, a keepsake that he could never replace. On the phone, Nathan explains to Audrey that she was with the copy, obviously, and agree to meet up outside. Audrey says “Copy” and Nathan insists the she not say “copy” again.

Meanwhile, the copy kills himself, which frees him to come back in another copy, free of the cuffs. Nathan and Cornell find blood on the floor at the base of a wall of concrete blocks, and Nathan uncovers a body. Cornell hits Nathan in the head with a brick as his copy comes in. In a battle with himself, the copy ends up killing the original.

Duke’s character grew in this episode as we see him relating to and helping Henry, we all know Duke isn’t that bad guy he makes himself out to be, and each episode shows that more and more.

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