The Last Ship

SPOILER ALERT: This article reveals some SPOILERS for the upcoming fifth season of ‘The Last Ship’, so proceed with caution.

TNT’s ‘The Last Ship’ is about to sail off into the sunset with its fifth and final season.  The series which focuses on a world plagued with a deadly virus, will take a sizable time jump when it returns.  The new episodes will depict a world that’s actually in recovery from the plague and reveal what has happened to the crew of the USS Nathan James.  The fifth season kicks off on Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 9pm EST.  To promote it, TNT has released a new teaser trailer, which you can view below:


The show’s main character, Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) will be retired, but with global political unrest brewing, he’s sure to be drawn back into the thick of things.  Many of his crew members have risen in the ranks of the Navy.  Meanwhile, in Panama, Sasha Cooper (Bridget Regan), Lieutenant Danny Green (Travis Van Winkle), Chief Petty Officer Wolf Taylor (Bren Foster) and Sergeant Azima Kandie (Jodie Turner-Smith, now a series regular) are on a covert mission, when they find themselves framed for the assassination of the Panamanian President, which sets the stage for South America declaring war on North America.

‘The Last Ship’ also stars Adam Baldwin, Emerson Brooks, Christina Elmore, Kevin Michael Martin, Fay Masterson, Marissa Neitling, Charles Parnell, and Jocko Sims.

The fourth and fifth seasons filmed back-to-back with most involved believing the fifth to be the final season, but for TNT’s part, they expressed that there could be more episodes beyond that, depending on ratings.  However, ratings had already dropped significantly during the fourth.  Also, it has been about a year since the series wrapped.  Eric Dane has already filmed a pilot for a new show, high school drama ‘Euphoria’, so it looks like the Nathan James has sailed.

Were you a fan of ‘The Last Ship’?  Are you sad to see it go?  Or are you happy to get a final, send-off season?

Source: TV Line