'Doctor Strange' Director Scott Derrickson Deleted His Twitter Account

Is this a result of the James Gunn effect?  Perhaps, as another Marvel/Disney director, ‘Doctor Strange’‘s Scott Derrickson, has deleted his Twitter account following the firing of Gunn which came as a result of a right-wing group targeting him and releasing ten year-old jokes he had tweeted making light of rape, pedophilia and more.  In the wake of Gunn’s termination, ‘Star Wars’ helmer Rian Johnson went through and purged over 20,000 old tweets from his account.  ‘Star Wars’ is, of course, also owned by Disney.

Derrickson isn’t leaving social media altogether.  He remains active on Instagram, which is where he announced his departure from Twitter.

Derrickson shared the open letter from the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ cast which urged Disney to rehire Gunn for the third ‘Guardians’ which he was already working on in order to begin filming next year.  So obviously, Derrickson is supportive of Gunn in this matter as is a large chunk of the creative community.

Marvel Studios remains tight-lipped regarding its plans for after next year’s ‘Avengers 4’.  (They even sat out San Diego Comic-Con this year.)  But after the success of Derrickson’s ‘Doctor Strange’, it’s believed that he will return to direct a sequel.  Deleting his Twitter may be a way of ensuring that he is welcome back and won’t be dismissed by Disney for unfortunate words from the past that resurface at an unfortunate time.  Or maybe he simply didn’t want to deal with the negativity that Twitter seems to breed.

Do you hope that Derrickson sticks around for at least another ‘Doctor Strange’?