Zack Snyder Reveals Which Robin He Intended To Die At The Joker's Hands

Just months ago, ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ director Zack Snyder coyly hinted that the battered Robin costume on display in that movie’s Batcave did not belong to Jason Todd, as was widely assumed.  In April, when questioned about the defaced uniform, which reads “Ha ha ha Jokes on you Batman,” Snyder dropped a bombshell.  His response?  “What makes you think that’s Jason Todd?”

Now, a fan posted a still picture from a deleted scene from ‘Suicide Squad’ with a line of dialogue in which Batman confronted Harley Quinn saying “Joker took something important from me, now I’m gonna take something from him.”  The fan then ended the post with “Jason?”



As you can see, Snyder replied “Richard,” which is the formal first name of the first Robin, Richard “Dick” Grayson.  While that would certainly serve as proper motivation for Batman’s continued fight for justice and for him having a particular mad-on for The Joker, it also deviates pretty hugely from the comics, wherein Dick Grayson grew up to become Nightwing, leaving the Robin role to Jason Todd, until he got killed by The Joker.

As Nightwing, Dick has become one of DC’s most popular characters in his own right. In fact, Warner Brothers has had a ‘Nightwing’ movie in the works for over a year now, with Chris McKay attached as writer and director.  Obviously, that overturns whatever Snyder had in mind when he planted that damaged Robin suit in ‘Batman V Superman’.

Both ‘Batman V Superman’ and Snyder’s next DC movie, ‘Justice League’ were box office and critical duds.  After shifting around its executives, Warner Brothers seems to be refocusing their DC movies and shifting away from whatever shared continuity that Snyder had in mind.  It makes sense that they’d want future projects distanced from earlier duds, so it’s quite possible that any plot threads set up in these films will simply be abandoned.  We may never see that spray painted Robin tunic again.

Now fans will just have to speculate as to how Snyder planned to address this in future films, unless he decides to reveal that information as well.  But the current state of the DC film universe makes those plans moot either way.