When Fox canceled ‘Lucifer‘ the fans of the series were up in arms, but there didn’t seem to be much that could be done. Vocal complaints on social media and petitions sometimes worked, but Fox wasn’t interested in bringing the show back.

Then, out of left field, Netflix saved the series and ordered another season. At this year’s Television Critics Association summer press tour we’ve finally learned why!

The news came from a panel with Netflix’s VP of Original Series Cindy Holland which was shared in the tweet below:


While every show that has a dedicated fan base might petition Netflix going forward, we do know that the streaming giant will only be able to save so many shows and this just happened to be one that caught their interest. It should be noted that while the series was always barely making it with ratings stateside, there is a substantial international fanbase for ‘Lucifer’ and with the streaming network having the most potential for growth overseas this seems like a solid strategic choice for them.

With the series dropping from 22 to 10 episodes means that there are less you can watch for each season, the cast and crew are excited about this change. The leading man Tom Ellis has gone on record previously to state that “I’m excited about the fact that we are 10 episodes now as opposed to 22, which means we can get right down to the storytelling, and every episode will count. From my point of view as an actor, that’s great.”

With how binge-worthy the show potentially is, this seems like a better choice than to have the filler episodes which are almost required for a 22-episode count on Fox.

Are you glad that Netflix saved ‘Lucifer’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book