We know that ‘Deathstroke‘ was being teased at the end of ‘Justice League,’ but so far another appearance hasn’t materialized. Thankfully, Joe Manganiello has hinted that reprising Deathstroke was “in the works” even if he couldn’t share any other details about the character’s return.

Deathstroke was initially meant to be the big bad in the stand-alone Ben Affleck ‘The Batman’ movie though as that fell to the wayside, it seemed that he was going to be used elsewhere. Lex Luthor had summoned him at the end of ‘Justice League’ to join a supervillain team that sounds something reminiscent of the “Legion of Doom,” but without a follow up to ‘Justice League,’ the fate of Deathstroke has remained uncertain.

The actor was asked about reprising his role by MTV’s Josh Horowitz and Manganiello stated:

“I say, ‘It’s in the works,’ because it is and there’s nothing further that I can say without speaking out of school because I’m part of a team, I’m a part of a locker room — you don’t talk outside the locker room. But all I can say is, for the hardcore fans, it’s in the works. They want the character to happen; it’s just when he happens.”

While it isn’t known how Deathstroke will come back at this time, it does sound as if ongoing talks are happening for the future of his character. Either that, or he’s in the dark as the rest of us with what DC Films is planning to do with their franchise.

Are you hoping that Joe Manganiello will be bringing Deathstroke to life in more than a single after-the-credits scene? Do you think that he’ll be the main villain if he does appear again or part of something like the “Legion of Doom”? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly