For the past couple weeks, Syfy has promised fans that if they get enough “likes” and retweets from both their ‘Being Human’ Facebook and Twitter pages, they would release the first four minutes of that week’s episode. Well, it looks like the fans came through for a second week in a row as we now have the beginning of tonight’s installment ‘(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun.’

It looks like the episode will be as eye opening as last week’s with Aiden still trying to stay alive and Josh and Nora are trying to figure out what to do now that Sally and a couple of her friends are corporal. Also, just when you thought we’ve seen the last of the werewolf loving twins, Bren and Connor, from last season, it looks like their papa has come to town for vengeance.

Check out the beginning of tonight’s ‘Being Human’ then return tomorrow for our recap!

‘Being Human’ episode ‘(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun,’ airs Monday, January 21st at 9PM on Syfy.