Locke & Key

When Hulu dropped ‘Locke & Key’ it seemed like longtime fans of the series were never going to see a live-action version of this classic comic series but thankfully, Netflix has swooped in to save the show. Not only has the streaming network tapped the series with a 10-episode order but a couple of new crew members have boarded the project as well! This time around we’ll be seeing Aron Eli Coleite (‘Star Trek: Discovery’) and Meredith Averill (‘The Good Wife’) joining Carlton Cuse to make this series a reality.

The downside is that it sounds like when it is redeveloped that it will also be recast as well. While we had a lot of fun sharing some great fits for the show, it sounds like every actor who had signed on for the Hulu pilot are now out of luck. That isn’t to say that a few of them won’t end up getting called back.

Of the new crew, we’ll see Meredith Averill as co-showrunner with Aaron Eli Coleite as an Executive Producer who also helped to re-write the pilot episode alongside comic creator Joe Hill. The initial pilot had been penned by Hill and Cuse.

While there hadn’t been a plan to replace Andy Muschietti as the director of the pilot, his work on ‘IT 2‘ is going to prevent his return and that means another filmmaker will be brought in to handle the first episode.

Yes, eight years after initially being developed for a television series we’re finally going to see ‘Locke & Key’ happen. Multiple studios have tried to bring this series to life in a live-action format as both an ongoing show or feature film, and all it took was the streaming giant of Netflix to make it happen.

Are you thrilled to see that we’re finally going to be able to watch ‘Locke & Key’? Do you think that Netflix will give the show opportunities which Hulu wouldn’t have been able to provide? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter