Netflix Snowpiercer

Despite the production woes, it looks as if Netflix has been loving what they’ve seen of TNT’s ‘Snowpiercer‘ so far. The streaming giant has just announced that they’re getting in bed with TNT to bring the series to markets outside of the U.S. and China when it debuts in 2019.

This is surprising with how things have gone for the upcoming series based off of the classic graphic novel as well as South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho’s smash hit 2013 film. While the premise behind the show is sound, there have been numerous behind-the-scenes problem plaguing its development. From showrunner Josh Friedman leaving the film with a bad taste in his mouth to be replaced by Graeme Manson to Scott Derrickson bailing after being called in to do reshoots he didn’t believe in to be replaced by James Hawes, the network and creatives just haven’t been able to see eye to eye.

While not always a bad thing, this could very likely be troublesome with the talent of the two who left the series.

The idea behind the show is that it is an action thriller set in a dystopian society. The world has come to an end and what is left of humanity is trapped on a giant train which is set to run eternally over the frozen husk that our world has become. A class society has been created with the wealthy living in a luxurious lifestyle not available to them before the world’s downfall while the poor are stuck at the back of the train living in appalling conditions.

This division, of course, leads to revolution.

With Netflix getting on board with the project have your hopes for ‘Snowpiercer’ been rekindled? Do you think that TNT will work out a deal with the streaming giant to eventually show it in the US as well? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Variety