Adventure Time

The Time has come for the final Adventure.  Pendleton Ward’s enormously successful surreal fantasy series ‘Adventure Time’ has dominated the network, won seven Primetime Emmys and spawned millions in licensing since it began in 2010, but like all things, its popularity has waned over time.  At San Diego Comic-Con, Cartoon Network announced that the final episode ‘The Ultimate Adventure’ would air this fall on Labor Day, September 3.

To promote it, a new trailer was debuted:


Also shown was a brief clip from the episode:


‘Adventure Time’ began in 2010 but the first short premiered in 2008, making this its ten-year anniversary.  In all, the show will wrap after an astounding 278 episodes.

At a roundtable at SDCC, Jeremy Shada, the voice actor who has played Finn since he, himself was a boy, stated:

“The first season I was going through voice change, as most 12-year-olds do.  All the voice cracks when Finn would scream and stuff was not intentional in any way, shape or form. It was just happenstance, but they sounded natural and it works, so they went with it.  As Finn ages, the storylines get more serious at times, more deep and more diverse.”

While ‘Adventure Time”s end was announced in 2016, fans have had to twist in the wind for nearly two years since awaiting this finale.  According to executive producer Adam Muto, the creators are just as anxious as the fans to see this final chapter which he says was delayed by Cartoon Network for “business reasons.”  As stated, once ‘Adventure Time’ premiered, its success opened the door for other left-of-center programs like ‘Regular Show’ and ‘Steven Universe’ which have siphoned off some of ‘Adventure Time”s audience.

But Muto admits that the ‘Adventure Time’ finale won’t be a complete crowd-pleaser.

“Half the people will definitely hate it, because that’s every show’s ending, but just having that experience instead of waiting forever.”

The question now is, after September 3, what time will it be?

Sources: C-Net, Entertainment Weekly