There has been a lot of speculation whether the new adaptation of ‘Dune’ will be done in multiple films and now we’ve got further proof that director Denis Villeneuve is going that route. Frank Herbert’s work is a masterpiece but more than that, there are tons of details jam-packed into every page. So much that trying to have this epic tale that clocks in at over 400 pages into a single movie just isn’t feasible. You only have to look back at David Lynch’s 1984 film and the Syfy ‘Dune’ miniseries to know that.

With Villeneuve having told the world that his goal was two films from the getgo, this is confirmation that the first novel is being split to accommodate that vision.

Frank Herbert’s son Brian has helped craft a more extensive world that his father built based off of notes and ideas that he had. With that in mind, he is working as an executive producer on the film and has shared this important feat on Twitter:


He later went on to say:


For those wondering who this lucky Kevin is, Brian co-wrote his installments into the ‘Dune’ universe with renowned science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson. Anderson is also attached to the film and listed as a co-producer and creative consultant.

While the craze for many YA adaptations is to split novels these days much to the annoyance of fans, this is one instance where multiple installments are very much the way to go.

Are you excited that Villeneuve is going to be able to have ‘Dune’ split into at least two films? Do you think that we’re finally going to see cinematic justice done to this iconic novel? Share your thoughts below!