It almost isn’t news when we have to say “Hey look, it’s another 80s horror film being rebooted!” Add to this growing list of remakes is the ever lovable demon of vengeance (Not Ghost Rider! I said demon not spirit) Pumpkinhead who will be returning ot the big screen. Now I loved ‘Pumpkinhead’ and to be able to revisit this world, even if it is a world where Lance Henriksen’s (‘Terminator‘, ‘Aliens’) Ed Harley isn’t the one that summons this demon, might be worth it. My issue is that there are just too many reboots these days. I’ll get to that in a moment as first let me share with you what we know about this movie.

The film is being put together by Brad Krevoy who was the original producer on ‘Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings’, ‘Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud’ so he clearly has a sense of who the character was and should be. That at the very least is slightly reassuring. Of course he was also a producer on ‘Dumb & Dumber’ as well as ‘Beverly Hills Ninja’ so I’m not sure how much we can really count on his caring about the character here. For those who aren’t familiar with Pumpkinhead, he is a demon who was summoned to avenge the death of Ed’s son at the hands of teenagers – which works out great for him. Until, that is, we find out that anyone who calls upon the demon has to pay a price that they might not be ready for. I suppose all I can ask is that they still use practical effects and not CGI?

If you wonder why there might be worry on horror reboots in the minds of readers out there you may not have heard of the horror films that have recently been announced to have reboots which include: ‘Friday the 13th‘, ‘The Crow‘, ‘The Butterfly Effect‘, ‘The Mummy‘, ‘Day of the Dead‘, ‘Hellraiser‘, ‘Poltergeist‘, ‘Gremlins‘, ‘Pet CemetaryRosemary’s Baby’, ‘Night of the Living Ded‘, and ‘The Grudge‘. All of this was pretty freshly after the ‘Carrie‘ reboot on top of that. Are we seeing a trend here?

Are you excited to see Pumpkinhead be summoned to Earth once again or are you looking at the above list with the same worry that I’ve been feeling?

Source: Blastr