Marvel/Disney’s ‘Thor’ easily held onto the top spot in theaters this past weekend. The film took in $34 million bringing its total domestic box office to $119 million in just two weeks. Currently its worldwide box office gross has reached $344 million. ‘Thor’ most likely won’t reach the box office heights of fellow Marvel heroes ‘Spider-Man 3 ($890 million) or Iron Man 2 ($622 million), but will certainly pass ‘Fantastic Four’s $330 million gross.

The $60 million budgeted ‘Priest’ took in $15 million to place 4th place at the box office with an additional $5 million in international sales. The film is still being rolled out internationally so it still has a chance to make a small profit. Especially if it is well received in Japan where the Manga story originated. However, many fans of the graphic novel have already expressed their displeasure at the movie’s major story changes.

1. ‘Thor’    $34.7
2. ‘Bridesmaids’   $26.2
3. ‘Fast Five’    $20.4 
4. ‘Priest’    $14.9
5. ‘Rio’    $8.2
6. ‘Jumping the Broom’    $7.0
7. ‘Something Borrowed’   $6.8
8. ‘Water for Elephants’  $4.2
9. ‘Tyler Perry’s Madea’s BHF’  $2.2 
10. ‘Soul Surfer’   $1.8 
11. ‘Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil’ $1.1 
12. ‘Insidious’    $0.9