Come one! Come all! Welcome to another all new Toy News Tuesday! The one weekly column where brings you all the news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry! At last, the week of San Diego Comic Con is upon us! In just a few short hours, the world of SDCC will be flooding your news feeds with a ton of cool news regarding anything and everything that the geek media world has to offer! Let’s take this last look at some of the cool new items set to debut at the convention with the toy news for the week of July 22, 2014!

Dinobots Set to Rock SDCC

A few weeks back, Hasbro gave Transformers fans a sneak peak at the SDCC Exclusive Transformers ‘Knights of Unicron’ set, and now out of the blue they’ve announced a few other new convention exclusive sets to keep collectors scrambling to find the extra money before they miss them!

First up is this brand new Dinobots box-set! This set features a playset that looks to resemble the classic ‘Ark’ spaceship and home base of the Autobots in the classic 1984 G1 animated series! On top of that, these movie-design stylized Dinobots are all sporting their classic G1 color-schemes! This four pack, while sadly missing the Brachiosaurus (Sludge) from the G1 series that was already left out of the recent film, is set to premiere a movie stylized version of Snarl, the Dinobot Stegosaurus! Also included in this set are the movie styled versions of Grimlock, Swoop (Strafe in the film) and Slag (Slug in the film).

The final SDCC Exclusive Transformers item is a Kreo ‘Class of 1984’ Transformers minifigure box set! If you’re a fan of G1 Transformers and building toys, this is the ultimate box set for you! This set comprises of twenty-six members of the cast of the original G1 Transformers series in Kreo minifigure form!

Final Batch of Funko SDCC Exclusives

After weeks of Funko bombarding us with amazing new SDCC Exclusive collectible announcements, we’re finally at the very last batch! These next few exclusives are the last to be announced for this years convention, so pay attention so you can figure out just which ones you need to hunt down!

First up is yet another ‘Game of Thrones’ Legacy figure! This time around it’s fan favorite Tyrion Lanister with a new battle-damaged head sculpt and a helmet! This guy is sure to be sought after by big ‘GoT’ fans!


Next up, some announcements for you rabid POP! Vinyl collectors! The final four SDCC Exclusive POP!’s are Sloth from ‘The Goonies’ featuring his classic ‘Superman’ tee shirt as seen in the film (which was not allowed to be mass produced on the standard release of this figure due to copyright), followed by a blood-splattered version of Billy from SAW! We’re also getting an exclusive Huckleberry Hound figure and a helmeted version of Gabriel from ‘Last Man Standing’!

Finally, we’re getting several exclusive ReAction figures as well! Fans can expect an exclusive version of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack Skellington with an exclsuive Zero the dog accessory, a ReAction version of ‘The Goonies’ Sloth that also reps his Superman tee, and bloody renditions of ‘Pulp Fiction’s Jules and Vincent! These are the final announced SDCC exclusive products to expect from Funko before the con itself begins, so get your checklists ready and happy hunting at SDCC!

Who is Going to Walgreens?

You know, a few years ago, you could have told me that Walgreens pharmacy was going to be getting into the collectors specialty market, and I probably would have laughed it off and moved on with my day. Well now that strange dream is becoming a reality, as Walgreens announced yet ANOTHER set of exclusive action figures! This time around it’s a series of Walgreen Exclusive 3.75” ‘Doctor Who’ figures! This exclusive wave will include fan favorites like the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, Amy Pond, two variations of the Daleks (both from the Tenth and Eleventh era) and of course the brand spanking new Twelfth Doctor! These figures are set to hit Walgreens’ shelves this August!

(via AFI)

Titan Merchandise Expanding Offerings

Many of you are familiar with Titan Merchandise’s wonderfully addictive 3” blind-boxed figures featuring fan favorite characters from series like ‘Doctor Who’, and soon ‘ALIEN’, ‘Breaking Bad’,  and ‘Battlestar Galactica’! Well now Titan is expanding their outreach even further with the announcement of two new waves of blind box figures!

The first of these two new series is “Dragon Age: Heroes of Thedas Collection‘! This set will comprise of characters based on Bioware’s hit video games series ’Dragon Age’! Aside from the announced characters below, there will also be an additional four chase figures mixed into the blind boxes at random! These figures are set to hit shelves this December!

Next up, Whedonites are going to freak out, because Titan has announced the ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth Collection’, based on classic Joss Whedon vampire television series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’! With the series rabid fan base still active well after the series ending nearly a decade ago, it’s no surprise to see the ‘Scooby Gang’ pop up in this wonderful blind boxed format! These guys are set to hit shelves in January 2015.

Mondo Busts Onto the Toy Scene

Mondo, best known for their limited edition prints, posters, tee shirts and vinyl’s, has decided to break into the toy market with their own limited edition toys and collectibles! The full post from Mondo is below which details some of their new products, including a 16” tall replica of the titular hero from ‘The Iron Giant’ and some awesome TMNT vinyl figures!

Mondo is doing toys! The launch of figures for The Iron Giant, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Alfred Hitchcock are Mondo’s first foray into toy collectibles, with the subjects and diversity of design reflecting Mondo’s unique passions. The initial offerings include replicas as well as toys from artist-based designs, which can be previewed at San Diego Comic-Con in Mondo’s booth (#835).

Toys join Mondo’s growing list of pop culture passions in posters, vinyl, gallery events, VHS and apparel. “I am so pumped to announce toys! We’ve been working on this in secrecy for a year and now it’s time to let you guys know about it. We’ll be focusing on existing properties that we love as well as working with artists to bring their own creations to life. This is a new area for us, but I resist the term ‘expansion’ since the goal for Mondo has always been to be a place where artists and designers can work to have their visions realized, whether that’s through posters, gallery shows, vinyl, apparel or now toys,” said Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, The Iron Giant has reaped praise as being among the greatest animated films ever made (recently ranked #7 on Time Out’s 100 Best Animated Movies list) and it was important for Mondo to honor the film with an appropriately stunning collectible.

The Iron Giant Collectible Figure
The 16″ tall figure will have over 30 points of articulation, light features, and other fun surprises! Accompanying The Iron Giant will be a Hogarth figure, scraps of metal for him to munch on and a Seafood sign that has a removable “S” to put on his chest. He will also include an interchangeable head and gun attachment, giving a choice of displaying the figure as the regular version, or the “War” version! The figure was designed from the actual CG files used in the film, for ultimate accuracy.

The Iron Giant Bolt Replica
The Iron Giant Bolt is a life-sized replica of the wayward flashing piece of The Iron Giant, as seen in the film. 6″ in length, with a flashing light feature, and authentic details from the film, it’s the perfect-sized piece to display at home, and to show that there’s always hope in the end.


The First Turtle Vinyl Figure
This vinyl figure is based off of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman’s very first drawing of a “Ninja Turtle,” which formed the basis of the popular comic. Struggling artists Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird came up with the Turtles in November 1983 while living in North Hampton, Massachusetts and the spark came from this drawing, which Eastman drew initially as a joke featuring a bi-pedal turtle with nunchucks and a mask. The figure stands 6″ tall, and features a classic black and white paint design, based on the original art!

Lil Mikey Vinyl Figure
This will be Mondo’s first toy based on a design from an artist that they work with frequently. Mike Mitchell has a series of pop culture characters called “Just Like Us” and this toy is based on his design in that series for Michelangelo. Turtle fans and people of a particular age will note the accuracy of the real TMNT ice cream on a popsicle stick.

The “Lil Mikey” figure reflects Mondo’s goal to have many of its toys based on artist designs in addition to replicas.

“If I had $5 when I was a kid, it was going to be spent on a ninja turtle figure. So much of my childhood was defined by TMNT, I watched every episode, I had the toys, the shirts, the games, the comics. I wish I could say “Lil Mikey” was a dream come true, but I never could have fathomed this happening. I am so extremely excited about this figure, and I can’t wait to show it off at SDCC,” said artist Mike Mitchell.

HITCHCOCK 1/6 Scale figure
The worlds most famous director is immortalized in this 1/6 scale figure, which features an authentic likeness, his directors chair, clapboard, cigars, as well as props from his most famous films- a butcher knife, a raven, and a seagull! He also features a fine-tailored suit, several interchangeable hands, and a figure stand.

Hot Toys are on Fire

The crew at Hot Toys have quite a few announcements this week! Aside from a few sneak peeks (wait until the end! Spoilers!), we get our first look at a new set of figures and even a really cool new way to display a portion of your Hot Toys collection!

Hot Toys Rocket and Groot

First up is this epic new two pack of Rocket Raccoon and Groot from this summer’s upcoming hit movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’! This two pack features two of the film’s leads in 1”6th scale for the first time ever! Each of the two of them will also be available as individual figures, but the two-pack versions come with a few additional accessories for each character, including an alternate ‘angry’ head sculpt, and clenched hands!

Marvel Studios is expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe this Summer and bringing fans to the cosmos in the action packed space adventure – ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ A group of outlaw, two thugs, an assassin and a maniac will team up to battle evil and save the galaxy! To gear fans ready for this film’s worldwide release, Hot Toys is excited to present a special 1/6th scale collectible figures set which includes the gun-toting Rocket and his personal houseplant/muscle Groot!

The movie-accurate Rocket Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on his unique physique in the film. It features a finely sculpted head and body, specially tailored costume, weapon, and specially designed figure stand.

The movie-accurate Groot Collectible Figure features highly detailed head and body with amazing paint application to reflect his distinctive appearance, and a specially designed figure stand.
The Rocket and Groot Collectible Set will exclusively include an additional interchangeable angry expression face and a pair of partially clenched angry palms for Groot.

Hot Toys Hall of Armor

For everyone groaning over ‘ANOTHER IRON MAN?!” announcement from Hot Toys, this one is actually just for those of you that have actually been buying all of these fancy Iron-Man variants Hot Toys has been releasing! Now you can build your very own ‘Hall of Armor’ display thanks to the crew at Hot Toys ingenious idea to create a stackable connectible ‘hall of Armor’ display case! Now you can buy the amount of displays you need and custom stack them in any way you see fit to make your very of armor display for all of your Hot Toys Iron-Men armors!

Tony Stark has introduced a large number of armor suits in Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3, and they stored in the underground wine cellar of Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion until the “House Party Protocol” is initiated. To let fans display their own armor hall, Hot Toys is delighted to present the new 1/6th scale Hall of Armor (House Party Protocol Version) Collectible.
The movie-accurate collectible is highly detailed and specially crafted, featuring LED light up functions on back wall and ceiling as well as a LED light up figure stand. The collectible can be assembled side-by-side and on top of each other and suitable for displaying Hot Toys 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible Figure series!


Fans in Hong Kong can firstly purchase it directly at Hot Toys’ booth (F02) in the 16th Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong from 25 – 29th July!

Hot Toys Teasers

And finally, some final last minute teaser images to give fans a sneak peek at some of the upcoming Hot Toys figures that are set to premiere at the upcoming Toy Fairs (the nearest of which is actually SDCC!). From the looks of things, we’re going to be getting an ‘Arkham City’ styled Batman figure, the obviously expected Starlord figure from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, and what looks like a battle-damaged Mark-42 Armor Iron-Man!

That’ll about do it for this week’s Toy news Tuesday! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below! Until next week, happy toy hunting!