Titan Comics has just teamed up with both Media Participations Group and Born Wild to bring their smash hit ‘Under’ to the big screen! For those who are unfamiliar with the book it is “about mutated creatures lurking in the sewers under a major US metropolis.”

Reading it felt like hints of ‘Cloverfield’ but on a smaller and more personal scale in a post-apocalyptic world that almost feels like you’re following space marines in sewers. The book was penned by Christophe Bec and his illustrator Stefano Rafael.

According to creators Bec and Raffaele:

“It’s exciting to collaborate with tireless and tenacious creatives like Alleyne. Under is a story which is close to our hearts and it was his and Brennig’s strong vision of blending the spirit of our original work with contemporary social elements that won us over. Many of our works together have been influenced by movies and the cinema, and to see ‘Under’ adapted on the big screen would show true appreciation.”

The original comic dropped in France through Media-Participations Group in 2010 with the English-language version only being released by Titan Comics in 2017. The book has resonated with fans, and Titan’s owner Nick Landau feels that “Under is highly relevant to the world we live in, and it’s really going to surprise people.”

Here’s the official synopsis for the book:

Set in the near future in the city’s vast sewer complex, which have become a war zone, complete with mutant spiders and crocodiles, disgraced former detective, Jericho, leads the subterranean police force attempting to preserve a semblance of order. Sandra Yeatman, a young female scientist, embeds herself with Jericho’s team, to his disdain, and they battle to stop the underwater carnage spreading above ground.

The studio has Anthony Alleyne (‘Sunburn’) adapting the film based off a script by Brennig Hayden. No release date or actors have been revealed at this time.

Are you excited that we’ll be getting a new monster movie? Do you feel that this post-apocalyptic world will adapt well to the big screen? Share your thoughts below!