Coming off the massive success of ‘Arrival‘ we see that Denis Villeneuve (‘Prisoners’,’Incendies’) has been picking up ‘Dune‘ and his recent comments on the cinematic adaptation have me excited. I wasn’t sure what to expect from his take on the movie, but as he is clearly passionate about the project, I think that we might be in for something special. It probably helps that he is coming off of an epic sequel with ‘Blade Runner 2049’, so he already knows that the stakes will be high. From a follow up to one of science fiction’s greatest films to a proper telling of one of the most famous stories of all time, the need to get this perfect is imperative.

According to Villeneuve when talking about how he was able to direct ‘Dune’, he stated that:

“I was able to do ‘Blade Runner’ thinking I would do nothing after because there was a rhythm in the past few years that was very exciting and I learned a lot as a filmmaker. But I got slowly a bit more and more tired physically. And as I was doing ‘Blade Runner,’ which was a very long shoot, I remember thinking, ‘That might be my last movie. I’m going to bed for like three years.’ Now that I’m editing, I’m finding back my energy. And since I was 12 years old there was a book I read, which is ‘Dune,’ which is my favorite book, with ‘1984.’ After ‘Prisoners,’ the producer of Alcon asked me what I would like to do next. I said, ‘Dune,’ spontaneously, that if anyone could get me the rights for ‘Dune’ — and I knew it was very difficult to get those rights. For me, it was just a dream, and I guess I’m lucky that Mary Parent from Legendary got the rights and offered it to me. I can’t say no to that. I have images that I am haunted by for 35 years. I will not say no to that. That’s going to be the project of my life.”

A passion project from a filmmaker who has proven his chops makes me very interested in this iteration of ‘Dune.’ Like Villeneuve, this is a novel that has resonated with me throughout my life, and I’m not even sure how many times I’ve read it now so I’m eager to see it done with modern technology by a filmmaker who can craft a plot driven film.

Are you looking forward to a new take on ‘Dune’? Do you feel that we might finally have the movie made in a way that will do the novel justice? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Variety

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