Ghostbusters 3

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Jason Reitman’s upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ sequel. For example, nearly everything about it. That’s natural, given that the film’s existence has only been public knowledge for about a month, but it’s also something that’s likely to change sooner rather than later. In fact, with filming currently on track to start in a few months time and Sony targeting the film for release next summer, we’re going to be learning a lot in a fairly short timeframe, as least compared to the way things usually go with summer tentpoles. And in this case, it seems, that knowledge starts with the characters.

While Reitman’s film will take place in the same continuity as the original two ‘Ghostbusters’ films (disregarding 2016’s ‘Ghostbusters: Answer the Call’), we don’t yet know who – if anyone – from the original cast will be making an appearance. Though it’s reasonable to expect a familiar face or two, “the same universe” doesn’t necessarily mean “the same characters.” And by its very nature as a torch-passing affair, the film will have to introduce a new generation of Ghostbusters.

And when we say “new generation,” we’re not kidding around. The new team will reportedly be made up of teenagers, and it looks like we may have just gotten our first sense of who these kids will be. This comes courtesy of the folks at HN Entertainment, who have published the following character breakdowns:

UNNAMED (LEAD BOY 2): To play 12 years old. Slender, pale, dark hair, piercing blue eyes, aquiline features, high cheekbones, withdrawn. He’s prodigious – bright, witty, stubborn, and remains playful in spite of hardship. He is also a brilliantly quick thinker under pressure, is at ease with technology, and has a high facility for problem solving.

UNNAMED (LEAD GIRL 2): To play 13 years old. Fun-loving, a bit of an airhead. Always curious, haunted, charmed, dazed.

In addition to this, the same outlet previously published another pair of character descriptions in the context of a piece on the production’s planned start date. These covered the other two leads, a thirteen year old boy (who they say is “a conspiracy theorist that is really into fantasy”) and a twelve year old girl (described as “a science kid that has trouble connecting with others on an emotional level, understanding feelings and [being] aware how hurtful her comments can be”).

In addition to the character descriptions, they also ran a brief plot synopsis. Vague though it is, it’s our first real sense of what kind of story Reitman is telling:

“A family moves back home to a small town where they learn more about who they are and the secrets of the town itself.”

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