Batman Beyond’s Bruce Wayne. Once more perhaps an exaggeration.

Okay, maybe not that old.  But since the ‘Superman vs. Batman’ film was announced at Comic Con, fans have been speculating about this new film and exactly how DC/Warner Brothers planned to throw these two characters together. It quickly became clear that they would wind up coming to blows before teaming up against a common threat, most likely Lex Luthor, although hopefully there’s some additional muscle present, like Metallo or The Parasite.  It’s been speculated that one reason that the two heroes will find themselves at odds initially is that Superman… er, well destroyed a huge metropolitan area in ‘Man of Steel‘.  This may quell some of the harsh criticism some viewers had over the film and its wanton destruction.  (That was my biggest complaint as well, honestly.)

According to Batman on Film, this has been WB’s plan all along, depending on how well ‘Man of Steel‘ performed.  They state that multiple sources report that Batman will be in his mid-40s or older, taking the fledgling Henry Cavill Superman under his wing.  (No pun intended.)  Had ‘Man of Steel’ not done well, it would have been cast aside as was ‘Superman Returns’ and yet another Superman would have been cast, this time an older version who would himself serve as the mentor of a new younger generation of heroes.  With Frank Miller being consulted, it makes sense that we’ll be seeing an older Bruce Wayne, a laThe Dark Knight Returns’.

At the very least, this would seem to negate any possibility that we will be bombarded with more origin stories, probably most movie-goers biggest pet peeve with super hero movies at this point.  Hopefully, we’ll see the two characters push each other in new ways.  Batman could make Superman more aware of his true place in this world and more aware of the damage he has and could further cause.  Superman on the flip side, could draw Batman out of his dark cave of isolation and make him “play well with others.”  In other words, super hero buddy cop film?  Hilarity ensues.  (Just not too much, please.)

Okay, so this is an interesting twist.  It’s certainly not a take that’s ever been attempted before as Batman and Superman have always been depicted as being about the same age.  Heck, under the wrong artist, they could pass for long-lost twins.  But just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s bad, does it?

Are you interested in an older “mentor” Batman, training the Man of Steel?  Does this in any way detract from Superman himself?  Should Superman trade in the blue union suit for green short shorts and pixie boots?  Comment below!

Source: Screen Rant