Iron Fist

Fans of Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’ (they exist, trust me) are sure to be excited about San Diego Comic-Con this week, as ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 is one of the few Marvel properties to have a major presence at the convention this year, which means we should be getting some more information about Season 2 as the week progresses. For now, the show has begun teasing information with a new video posted to its Facebook channel, which shows the green ‘Iron Fist’ dragon logo as a neon sign, which then flickers, loses the wings, and turns red, becoming what appears to be the logo for Danny Rand’s arch-nemesis from the comics, the Steel Serpent. (check out the video for yourself below)

Now we have already seen the man who becomes the Steel Serpent in the show, Davos (played by Sacha Dhawan), but we have yet to see his complete transformation into the villain just yet, or see him take on the mantle of Steel Serpent, though we have seen the red snake insignia before on heroin Madame Gao was distributing. Some fans are speculating that Davos might team up with Gao and simply take the insignia and name from her drug, but that seems a bit overly simplified to me.

Another theory I like better is that Gao will play the role of the Crane Mother (as seen in the ‘Immortal Iron Fist’ run of the comics), eventually choosing Davos as her Immortal Weapon and granting him powers similar to those of the Iron Fist, which would be a cool way to keep Gao at the forefront of the series’ crop of villains and make some connections to the comics. Connections which are needed as some fans are already annoyed that the Steel Serpent logo is red when the villain’s mask in the comics is purple, though the point is being made that there is a major theme of balance in the MCU at the moment (with Thanos wanting to “balance” the universe, and with what is happening on ‘Cloak and Dagger’), and red is the exact opposite of green on the color wheel, giving a nice balance between Danny Rand and his arch-nemesis.

What are your thoughts on the new video? Is there something we are missing? Are you excited to see what is revealed about Season 2 at Comic-Con? Feel free to share your theories in the comments below!