deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool had a chance to save a ton of people in ‘Deadpool 2’ that he ended up letting die and now the actor is sharing why that happened. Now, this is venturing really far into spoiler territory so if you haven’t seen the movie at this point you should really head back now as we’ll be discussing a scene which happened late in the movie.

You’ve been warned!


So, you’re either already familiar with how the movie ended or don’t care about spoilers. We’re jumping into that mid-credit scene where Wade Wilson has stolen Cabel’s time portal and is jumping through time to fix mistakes in the past. Outside of retconning his appearance in ‘Wolverine: Origins’ among other things, we also see the Merc with the Mouth saving a single member of ‘X-Force‘ who tragically died when most of the team was taken out halfway through the movie.

Yes, he went back to save Rob Delaney’s Peter, and now Reynolds is sharing why he, of all of these heroes, was given another shot.

When talking about the scene, Reynolds shares that “So I love that he just completely ignores this marquee cast that he could’ve saved of useful and wonderful superheroes but instead went back and saved [Peter].” While I’m sure many X-Force fans would love that at least Shatterstar would have been given another shot at life, there is a reason that Deadpool choose just to save Peter:

“Well here’s the thing though, I always felt that it was important to save Peter, just because in the helicopter before we jump, I say to him ‘I’d never let anything happen to you, sugar bear. I’m just saying this to impress the other guys.’ And we all jump out of the thing. So I felt like that was a promise that Wade made early on in the movie, and it was nagging him, so he went back and got Peter.”

Yes, Deadpool can be incredibly selfish, but for those, he cares about or makes promises to we have seen that he does try to keep him. In saving Peter’s life, he was able to do just that.

Are you happy that we only saw Wade Wilson end up saving Peter at the end of ‘Deadpool 2’? Do you wish any of the rest of ‘X-Force’ was given another chance or are you happy that the rest died so that the story can be different going forward? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Empire Film Podcast