Mystery Science Theater 3000

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ and their devoted fan base broke Kickstarter records to crowdfund an eleventh season of the show. Now, they’re ready to do it again with for Season 12 of the popular Netflix revival series.

The original ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K),’ featured a janitor named Joel who was shot into space as part ofan mad scientist’s experiment to find the worst movie ever made and use it to take over the world. Joel relies on help from his robot friends and responds to the movies that he is forced to watch with humor and snark. The show came from the brilliant mind of comedian Joel Hodgson (who also played the role of Joel). MST3K returned with a vengeance thanks to a Kickstarter effort that raised $6.3 million to pay for a new season of the show before Netflix picked it up.

The next wave of fundraising was announced on the MST3K Revival League Kickstarter page. Hodgson thanked the show’s fans for the support in a post explaining the reasoning behind the new drive:

“Creating Season 11 with you didn’t just make the show possible, it made it better. The shoot was more fun with fans on set, laughing at jokes. We’ve gotten so many messages about how it felt good to be part of something – and hey, we felt the same way.”

There is no real need for the new fundraising drive, as Season 12 of the series had already been picked up by Netflix. However, given the level of devotion from the fans, it was decided to give them another chance to feel like there were a part of the show and offer up some limited-edition swag in the process!

The new pledge drive offers fans the option to purchase t-shirts, posters and tote bags featuring a new original artwork by Gary Glover. Fans with slightly deeper pockets can purchase one of the puppets or props used on the show or have their name included in the credits of one or all of season’s 12 episodes. Fans who have all the money can pay to become an Associate Producer or Executive Producer on the show and earn a whole host of privileges and special gifts.

Keep an eye out for more news about Season 12 of MST3K!