If a fantasy animated series is what you’ve been craving then you are going to be thrilled to hear about Netflix‘s new series ‘The Dragon Prince!’ The show is being written by Aaron Ehasz who was the head writer on Nickelodeon’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ which is often praised as one of the best cartoon series of all time. The project is being brought together by Ehasz as well as Justin Richmond who is responsible for directing the smash hit video game ‘Uncharted.’

Outside of the fantastic art that we were able to share with this post, there isn’t much to go on as the only description of the series:

“A new animated series about two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elfin assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands.”

This has the potential to be either an awesome kid’s show, a fun adventure into high fantasy for adults, or a combination of the two if done right. Either way, if the creative team and early artwork is anything to go by it is clear that we are in for a treat!

We’ve learned that a sneak preview of the series will drop at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21st, 2018, so we’ll likely be seeing a trailer released around that time. There are currently no details as to when Netflix plans to release the show, but that isn’t too surprising with how close to the vest they usually keep their release schedule.

As someone who can’t get enough fantasy work these days, I suspect that this will be a welcome addition to the streaming giant’s lineup!

Are you excited to see ‘The Dragon Prince’ when it is ready to be streamed? Do you think that it can reach a level of success near what ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ was able to do? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film