While the first season of  ‘The Defenders’ didn’t appear to have been quite the hit that Netflix might be hoping, the crossover idea is still a great one. At the Las Vegas Comic Con, Charlie Cox opened up about what he knows about a second event series. I’ll be honest with you; it isn’t much.

When asked if a second season is in the works, Cox shares:

“I have no idea about Defenders. I know that I had a great time doing the first season and I love those guys, and I love the work that we did and I love all of their shows.”

It sounds as if the folks behind Marvel TV or Netflix either don’t have an immediate idea or are playing their cards close to the vest even with the actors. Of course, I wouldn’t expect any news on this until at least after the next season of ‘Daredevil’ where we see Matt Murdock make a full recovery from the events of the first ‘Defenders’ outing.

This lack of a second season seems to go hand in hand with what Marvel TV’s head Jeph Loeb said as to when to expect a second season (which was “not anytime soon”) and that a second season was “not in the plans right now, but you never know!” It sounds like we shouldn’t expect another outing of all our heroes on the same show shortly. I do feel that it is something which doesn’t need to happen but would be fun to see if a tightly written story was delivered. Potentially, a movie instead of a mini-series.

While there is no guarantee that we’ll see all of these heroes together again, the individual series haven’t been shy of crossovers and cameos. That and the fact that Cox still gets to see his ‘Defenders’ co-stars in real life:

“I see the other guys in the corridors, I’m filming the last season, the last episodes of Daredevil, let’s say, and there’s Krysten [Ritter] starting up season whatever of [Marvel’s] Jessica [Jones] and [Marvel’s Iron Fist star] Finn [Jones] lives in my building now. The other day, I went down to get in the van to go to work and the driver’s there and [he stares at me and] I look at this guy and I realize I’ve never met this guy before in my life and he’s waiting for Finn, not me. I feel very proud; it’s very cool.”

Would you want to see a second Defenders mini-series? Do you feel that stretching the first one out felt too long or was it the right length? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Comic Book