Thor might not be as well-known or popular as Superman but, with a hit movie under his belt and a stint in the upcoming Avengers movie, the God of Thunder is indeed popular at the moment.

A few days ago, a 9.4 CGC rated copy of ‘Journey into Mystery’ #83 sold at auction through Pedigree Comics for a whopping $222,200! This issue, released in August 1962, featured a story titled ‘The Stone Men from Saturn’ that introduced Thor into the ever-expanding Marvel Universe.

This 9.4 graded copy is believed to be one of only three copies in existence at that grade. There is also a 9.6 graded edition as well. Doug Shmell at Pedigree Comics said this of the auctioned edition:

“The book is characterised by unbelievable colour strike, perfect centring, tight staples, razor sharp corners and phenomenal white pages. It is easily the second nicest existing copy and it comes from the best known run of Journey Into Mystery.”

Thor was created by Stan Lee (editor), Jack Kirby (pencils), Larry Lieber (script), and Joe Sinnot (inks). As the popularity of the character grew, ‘Journey Into Mystery’ was retitled ‘THOR’ in 1966.