Thanks to leaked photos we’ve already seen quite a few shots of Zacahry Levi (‘Chuck’,’Heroes Reborn’) suited up as  ‘Shazam!’ but now DC Films has released the first official photo of this hero in costume. This is the first image from the film being released and shows Jack Dylan Grazer (‘It’) as Freddy Freeman alongside Levi in costume as the film’s hero. It looks as if the two needed some refreshing drinks to continue whatever it is they’re up to here.

Check it out!

This costume doesn’t fully match any of the costumes which we’ve seen ‘Shazam!’ in over the years in comics, and the reason for that is shared by director David Sandberg:

“I wanted to keep the shorter cape as a throwback to the original because that’s something that sets him apart from Superman or Batman. It makes him feel a bit more Golden Age superhero, which is the vibe I’m going for.”

That being said, he used elements from a variety of eras for the character including the hood he has from the “New 52” relaunch of the comics in 2011 as well as the gauntlets and glowing lightning bolt from his animated appearances.

I have to say that this costume does seem to stand out from both the designs of Superman and Batman in the films that we’ve seen so far, and it isn’t just from having brighter colors on his suit.

Are you looking forward to checking out how ‘Shazam!’ is introduced on the big screen in his first live-action cinematic experience? Do you think that Zachary Levi will be able to sell a believable superhero? What do you think of how his costume looks? Share your thoughts below!

‘Shazam!’ will appear in your local theater on April 5th, 2019!

Source: Entertainment Weekly