zombieland 2

With there having been ten years passed before ‘Zombieland 2‘ being released it should come as no surprise to audiences that there will be a time jump between the films. While Woody Harrelson can likely pass as nearly the same age, it would be a massive stretch for the rest of the cast to be able to act as if no time had changed, especially the youngest of the cast members.

In fact, it is one cast member in particular that the two have in mind when talking about flashing things forward ten years:

“Abigail Breslin is nine years older than she was in Z1 so that it won’t be happening directly after! Can’t say beyond that!”

You could even probably have Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone pull off a continuation, but there wouldn’t be a way to have Breslin reprise her role as if no time had passed. The only real option here would have been for the undead to have gotten her in the interim and that would make it impossible to still make this a lighthearted movie.

When this zombedy was released in 2009, it was almost a surprise hit with how hard it took the world by storm, and it will likely prove difficult to recapture the magic after so long of a period of time.

Things may further be complicated with a fatigue of zombies in film after even AMC’s long-running ‘The Walking Dead’ and spinoff ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ suffering from lower ratings. However, the original was such a fun and unique take on the zombie apocalypse that diving back in and seeing how this group has survived and what they’ve been through could be a blast — at least if they haven’t made the entire cast utterly cynical at this point.

Are you looking forward to ‘Zombieland 2’? Do you feel that they could have found a way to avoid a time jump? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book