Time wasn’t on ‘Timeless’‘ side.  The series co-creator Shawn Ryan took to Twitter to announce that plans to find a new home for ‘Timeless’ had failed and that the option on the show’s actors had run out, freeing them to find other work.  Not only does it look as though there will be no Season Three, it doesn’t appear that the wrap-up movie that had been mentioned previously will happen either.

Responding to comments, Ryan said that a wrap-up movie would require about $4 million and the fact that the actors are now free to land other jobs means that this is probably not going to happen.

Ryan still has his series ‘S.W.A.T.’, which is returning for a second season on CBS.  Co-creator Eric Kripke has moved on to Amazon’s upcoming comic book-based series ‘The Boys‘.

‘Timeless’ was yet another high concept series that failed to break out as a major hit.  NBC actually cancelled it after its first season, but fans rallied and NBC reversed its decision.  But when the second season saw the series continue to flounder, NBC was forced to pull the plug for good.

Were you a fan?  Are you sad to see it go?