Henry Cavill

‘Superman’ actor Henry Cavill shared some behind-the-scenes footage of himself flying, set to the John Williams theme from classic ‘Superman’ films starring Christopher Reeve.

Many fans associate Williams’ theme with ‘Superman,’ however director Zack Snyder decided to go with new music by composer Hans Zimmer for the 2013 reboot, ‘Man of Steel.’ Zimmer’s work was also featured in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ ‘Justice League’ included homages to both Zimmer and Williams from composer Danny Elfman, who took ‘Superman’s’ old themes in a fresh new direction.

Cavill posted the video to his Instagram account showing him hooked up to a flight simulator while stuntmen help swing him around. Cavill strikes some classic Superman poses with his arms extended in front of him with Williams’ instantly recognizable theme playing around him. Check out the video below!

While certain audiences have been less than impressed with the DCEU as a whole, many agree that Cavill’s work as the Man of Steel is one of the bright spots of the franchise. Cavill remains under contract for one more DCEU appearance, either in a direct sequel or another property. Both the actor and his fans hope that an announcement regarding ‘Man of Steel 2’ will be coming soon.