Robin Brenton Thwaites Titans

While there is sure to be a lot of big announcements made at San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks, there is still some big news that is popping up in advance and this one is pretty huge– you might even say ‘Titan-ic’!  Fans have been a bit wary but also very curious to see what to expect from Warner Brothers’ new subscription service DC Universe, which will be home to ‘Young Justice’ Season Three, a new ‘Swamp Thing’ live-action series, a ‘Harley Quinn’ animated series and perhaps the most anticipated project, a live-action ‘Titans’ series.

More news is coming on this initiative, but first here’s a pretty massive reveal– Brenton Thwaites in two new photos in his Robin armor.  Thwaites and Alan Ritchson’s Hawk and Minka Kelly’s Dove are the only cast members whose photos have been released in any official capacity.  The first Robin shot showed Thwaites from the chest up, his face turned in a profile, but it was still a good tease to give fans an idea of what to expect.

One of the new Robin pictures is a tight close up of his face, looking straight at the viewer.  He’s clearly seen better days as his face is bloody and bruised and his suit seems a little busted up as well.  But here is the clearest shot of Thwaites as Dick Grayson, so far.

And now, here is probably the shot everyone has been waiting for– a full-body image of Thwaites in his costume.

Robin Brenton Thwaites Titans

Like many live-action superhero suits, Robin’s costume is athletic body armor, that looks more like Christian Bale’s suits in the ‘Dark Knight’ movies than the mostly-leather costumes worn by the characters on The CW.  Even the cape seems fortified for added protection.  But like other live-action comic book heroes, the colors on Thwaites’ uniform are extremely dark and almost undetectable.  The suit is a mashup of various Robin costumes but is most heavily influenced by Tim Drake’s original suit, designed by Neal Adams.  One nice touch is the ninja-style separate toe on his boots– a feature that was accentuated when this costume was first introduced, but over time has been omitted or forgotten.

Like most modern comic book suits, this one doesn’t have trunks over the tights or any real color highlights at all on the lower half.  It appears all-black from the waist down, with the exception of metallic gold trim along the tops of his boots.

What do you think?  Does Thwaites’ new costume get you more pumped for ‘Titans’?  Or are you worried?

Check back for more DC Universe news as it is released!