Peter Outerbridge

Jonathan Maberry’s classic ‘V-Wars‘ comic from IDW Entertainment is coming to Netflix and Peter Outerbridge (‘Orphan Black’,’Zoo’) has just joined the cast! On screen, he’ll be playing opposite of the leads portrayed by Ian Somerhalder and Adrian Holmes on the series. The original book was released back in 2012 and has grown a massive cult following since it was released.

Outerbridge is set to play Calix Niklos who is “an elegant, malicious science expert on the Homeland Security Team.” The actor has had a large variety of parts over the years and should easily be able to show off his acting chops on this show. He has also had a variety of genre work in his past from science fiction to horror and was most notably last seen for his work on ‘The Expanse‘ as Captain Martens.

For those unfamiliar with the book, it closely follows the events of the first Vampire War. In it, we follow Somerhalder’s Dr. Luther Swann and Holmes’ Michael Fayne. Fayne is transformed into one of the bloodsucking monsters who are spreading across the land and his best friend Swann is working to save his friend. Only, after Fayne is infected he is no longer the man Swann once know and is now a vampiric predator.

The work shows the evolution of the newly infected vampiric species as normal humans are trying to survive and put an end to the vampire plague, one way or another. While Swann spends his time working on a cure, Fayne has become the leader of this new species which is attempting to feast upon all that is left of mankind.

Are you looking forward to Netflix releasing ‘Z-Wars’? Do you feel that Peter Outerbridge will do a good job at playing Calix Niklos on your favorite streaming device? Will the show end up going as dark as the source material did? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline