Millie Bobby Brown
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14 year-old ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown has quit Twitter after someone decided to take photos of her and Photoshop them with homophobic slurs and “jokes.”  Brown is in fact an anti-bullying advocate and supporter of LGBTQ rights.

Here is a sampling:

Ironically, it seems that some of the creators of these memes are actually gay themselves and view this as some sort of joke.  Obviously, hundreds have snapped back at posters of these images to both defend Brown and to take offense at the language and message used.  Defenders of the memes have pointed out that they are themselves gay and therefore not homophobic.  I guess this is one of those reclaiming a slur in order to take away the negative impact things.

These users posted that these memes are ONLY for gay people’s entertainment and that heterosexuals should not engage in the conversation:

Others are posting ridiculous stories of being physically and verbally assaulted by Brown, who hurled homophobic slurs at them while breaking their phones (they ALL include her breaking their phones) and causing them bodily harm, while ending with the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown.  These are much more over the top and not believable at all, but can still be emotionally damaging to someone who might be… you know 14 YEARS-OLD!

But I think this is more along the lines of how most people are reacting:

Honestly, I don’t get this at all.  How is it funny?  And why Millie Bobby Brown?  Hopefully, this blows over quickly and that Brown doesn’t take it too seriously.  Otherwise… get a life, internet.

Source: Nylon