We don’t know much about the leading characters in HBO’s upcoming ‘Watchmen‘ TV series but new set photos have shared what happens to one of the older leading characters. As the series has been filming in Macon, Georgia out in the open, it looks like many of the sets haven’t been too guarded.

We can expect a lot of potential early spoilers as showrunner Damon Lindelof is jumping forward in time from the world which Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created.

I do warn you; there will be some spoilers below.

The first significant piece of information declares that one of our original heroes are no longer among the living. This could be a fake out by the character or have happened; it isn’t too apparent at this time:

It should also be noted in the image that the “Boise Squid Shower Destroys Homeless Camp, Kills” story makes it seem as if Veidt’s fake out alien attack might have only been the first wave. That makes me question if Veidt was hailed as a hero here or if Rorschach’s journal truly exposed him.

The first would make sense for additional squid showers but the second would make it seem like something else entirely.

Outside of Ozymandias being dead, that squid attack seems significant if for no other reason the following images appear to show that it is an ongoing concern for the populace. Why would we need squid shelters if the first faked alien attack was the end of this charade?

There has also been a fundamental change to the United States of America but what precisely that is remains a mystery and is only hinted at in this image:

50 small stars, one large one, and the thirteen bars. Not a massive change but it is different in the top left, and you can’t help but wonder what prompted that.

Are you looking forward to HBO’s take on ‘Watchmen’? Do you have any ideas what the change of the flag means for the series? Is Veidt dead or has he faked it to continue his ongoing alien attacks in secret? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slashfilm