The actor playing Jason Todd, Curran Walters, has been photographed on set, filming "Freebirds" the alias used for Warner Brother's upcoming 'Titans' series

The actor playing Jason Todd, Curran Walters, has been photographed on set, filming “Freebirds” the alias used for Warner Brother’s upcoming ‘Titans’ series, arriving via the new DC Universe streaming service.  These behind the scenes photos are pretty tiny and low rez but in the first, you can see Walters with his hair done and presumably in his civilian attire.  The rest are just random shots of the crew set up, but the last picture shows the inside of an art studio.  It appears that Jason Todd comes from a rather well-to-do family… or he’s robbing one.  Check out the photos, via Titans Brasil:

Because the picture of Walters as Todd is so small, here’s a better photo of him, just to make it easier to identify him in the Twitter pic.

Twenty year-old Walters looks younger than his age.  It’s often easy to forget, because Jason Todd is now an adult in the comics, that he was originally a young teen, meant to mirror Dick Grayson when he first became Batman’s sidekick.  In fact, Todd was originally a wide-eyed innocent who was also a circus acrobat, whose parents were killed by mobsters, just like Grayson.  It wasn’t until after ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ that he was recast as a street thug with a bad attitude– a move meant to make him more hip and modern.  Instead, when given the choice, readers called a special phone number to vote to have him murdered by The Joker.

He was restored to life, initially due to a time glitch thanks to Superboy Prime, and later ret-conned into resurrection via Lazarus Pit.  Nowadays the adult Todd operates as The Red Hood, but it looks like ‘Titans’ is going for a more youthful depiction.  Jason Todd should debut in the 7th episode of the first season.

Walters appeared regularly on the short-lived NBC drama ‘Game of Silence’, playing the young version of the series’ main character Jackson.  David Lyons played the adult Jackson.  After that, he played Mac on the Tyler Perry series ‘Too Close To Home’ which aired on TLC and OWN but was officially cancelled in November after three seasons.  He has also appeared on ‘The New Girl’, ‘Girl Meets World’, ’20th Century Women’, ‘Speechless’ and ‘Alexa & Katie’.

‘Titans’ will premier later this year when WB launches the DC Universe service.