Huntress is nearing the end of her quest to end the exploitation of the women of Kufra, whose government, led by Mustafa Hassan, was forcing them into the sex trade.  She took care of him last issue, leaving his son, Ibn to assume power.  Ibn now feels that he has some avenging himself to do, so he places a bounty of a billion Euros on her head.  This forces Helena to go on the run, literally, fleeing a police checkpoint and stealing a boat.  She then uses her expertise to infiltrate Ibn’s strong house.  He wakes to find her in his chamber.  He is understandably angry that she killed his father, to which she coldly replies “You’re father was a tyrant and a thief, who stole his nation’s wealth and the souls of its daughters.  I gave them justice.”  Does she then take further revenge by eliminating Ibn as well? 

(Spoiler alert!)

She actually lets him live, on the condition he end his nation’s trafficking of women.  She vows that if he fails to make good within a year, she will return for him and he knows there’s no way he could escape her.

She considers the billion Euro bounty on her head a compliment, but it causes problems when she tries to return to the U.S.  Luckily gal pal Karen Starr arrives in the nick of time and the pair fly off into their upcoming series ‘Worlds’ Finest!’

This is a crisp, satisfying ending to this miniseries.  Helena, trained by her master thief mother Catwoman and the world’s greatest detective, her father Batman, she is the consummate, professional crime fighter.  She uses ingenuity to get into Ibn’s lair.  She always knows what to do, is smart, quick and has natural instincts.  In playing true to the old Huntress, Helena Bertinelli, she also has a dark side.  That take on the character was willing to kill, which brought her into conflict with Batman and the other heroes of the DCU.  There have been hints that ‘Earth 2’ will have a darker tone than ‘Justice League’ and this certainly supports that.

I have been gushing about Marcus To’s stunning artwork since the first issue, and he carries through til the end, here!  His Italian landscapes are just breathtaking!  His people all look unique.  One thing about comic artists, they’re not always the most fashion-minded, so most heroes in their secret identities wear very general, generic clothing or things that are laughably out of date.  I can’t even count the times I’ve seen female characters in “street clothes” that look more like street walker clothes!  But To knows fashion!  I’ve read so many comments from other readers, who say “I want every outfit she wore in this issue!”  That never happens in comics!  Helena looks amazing and we get treated to a bonus, his take on Karen Starr!  No offense to George Perez and Kevin Maguire, but I truly wish To had been given the ‘Worlds’ Finest’ assignment!

If you’re looking for a well-written, stunning book starring a capable, competent female hero who isn’t just a sex pot, someone’s girlfriend, who has an intact spine, normal anatomy and dresses logically for her role, this is it!  If you missed out on this miniseries, look for the trade!  It’s worth it!


Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Marcus To and John Dell
Cover by Guillem March