Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds

For anyone wondering how hard Ryan Reynolds and company have to work to get the jokes in ‘Deadpool 2’ just right and make sure to pack as many of them as possible into every scene, a new interview with the film’s composer, Tyler Bates (‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1’ and ‘Vol. 2’), sheds some light on the process.

According to Bates, the process is more or less never-ending, with Reynolds continuing to tweak, update, and enhance his lines all the way until the film is released just to be sure they get the best jokes possible in there. During a recent interview with Heat Vision, the composer revealed:

“Ryan has continued writing and updating the movie. I was getting updated cuts with lots of new jokes. With the full body suit and cutting maneuvers in editing, he’s able to change lines and jokes right up to picture lock.”

When asked about the difficulties of scoring ‘Deadpool 2,’ with the mix of comedy, action, and emotions inherent, Bates said it was definitely a challenge:

“There was certainly a learning curve with this film, because this is an action-comedy with strong emotional and psychological beats within the story. It’s a true Rubik’s Cube when it comes to score…The music’s role isn’t to add comedy, it’s already funny as hell. It’s mostly to stay out of the way and complement the action and emotional scenes.”

Yet, in the end, the man was clearly more than up for the challenge, and enjoyed working on the film with Reynolds and company:

“For all the stress, it’s important to remember that we’re making a piece of entertainment for people. If we have fun, that will be transcendent to the audience when they watch the film. That’s what I loved about Deadpool 2, there was a lot of fun in the creative process.”

It is fascinating to learn that the lines could be updated that late in the game, but it does make sense, especially with Deadpool sporting a full facial mask, which means they can have any words they want coming from him, as they do not have to worry about syncing his mouth to those jokes. Still, one does wonder if a bit too much tweaking, especially toward the end, could result in the scrapping of some great jokes that just might have become unfunny to the director, star, and producers as they watched cut after cut, but might still have been hilarious to the rest of us.

Having seen the movie, they did a pretty damn good job regardless, and of the few issues I have with ‘Deadpool 2,’ the writing is not one of them. Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!