If You Can't Get Enough Of How Comic Movies Are Made You Should Check Out This Deadpool 2 VFX Breakdown

Before ‘Deadpool 2’ gets retold in a PG-13 setting in ‘Once Upon a Deadpool‘, the studio behind the visual effects wanted to share how everything was created for the film. The company responsible for the work, DNEG, released a three-and-a-half minute video breakdown of how the visuals came to life for the theatrical release.

Sadly there is no narration for the brief film which Ryan Reynolds probably would have been great to have had done, but it does show how digital layers were created over what was actually filmed. For many, this probably would have been more interesting if they didn’t just display what was changed but share a little about what tools they used to create the look or even speak to the decision-making process of what to make digital and where to use practical effects.

In this featurette, you can see a few scenes such as:

  • X-Force skydiving from the plane
  • The convoy chase
  • Deadpools failed suicide by blowing himself up with gasoline

Good times!

You can check out how the visuals were created in ‘Deadpool 2’ right here!


It really is amazing how drastically a scene is changed with digital work these days and what once was fairly obvious as to what was changed now blends in almost seamlessly. While it wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to picture that these scenes were created through CGI, it is always amazing to see how much ended up getting a makeover.

Did you realize every aspect which was changed by digital alteration from filming to completion? Do you love when films like ‘Deadpool 2’ show off how the scenes were made? Share your thoughts about this featurette in the comments below!

You can buy ‘Deadpool 2’ today while ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ opens in theaters for a limited engagement this holiday season from December 12 through December 24, 2018!

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