Two members of the cast of Hulu’s Marvel adaptation ‘Runaways’ participated in a Tumblr answer time session.  These cast members were Ariela Barer, who plays brainy Gert Yorkes and Virginia Gardner who plays hippie Karolina Dean.  When asked what comic book storylines they’d like to see on the show, one of them actually responded that she wanted her character killed off.  Of course, that was Barer, whose character Gert was tragically killed off in the comics, in what many fans saw as the point when it “jumped the shark.”

Here is Barer’s full response:

“Xavin and Victor!!! OR Gert dying as long as I can come back to life like she does in the comics. That plot line is so beautiful and an amazing exploration of Gert and Chase’s relationship.”

Perhaps because of the TV series, Gert was recently restored to life in the comics.  Barer also expressed a desire to see two later characters from the comics introduced– Victor Mancha, the robotic “son” of The Avengers’ enemy Ultron and Xavin, a shape-shifting Skrull who became romantically involved with Karolina.

Of course, Karolina’s actor, Gardner echoed the sentiment:

“Xavin!!! I hope we get to see some of that character next season.”

In the comics, Xavin first appears to the ‘Runaways’ as a male character in an arranged engagement to Karolina, but when he discovers that Karolina is only attracted to females, Xavin changes into a girl.  This could be intriguing to see played out on the show.

And as gut-wrenching as Gert’s death in the comics was, it was a major event and should the show deviate from that, it would enrage fans of the source material.  Of course, should the show follow the events of the books, there will be another death before that one.

The first season of ‘Runaways’ is now available to stream on Hulu.  A second season has been ordered.

Would you like to see Gert killed in the series?  Or should they deviate from the books in this case?