Vampire Chronicles

In what looks to be a match made in heaven it appears that Bryan Fuller is now working on Paramount’s televised adaption of Anne Rice‘s ‘Vampire Chronicles‘. With having freshly left the production of ‘American Gods‘ over budget issues and working on ‘Hannibal‘ prior to that, the showrunner clearly has a track record of working with horror and the macabre.

While this is the first official news that Fuller is working on the series in any capacity, rumors have been swirling since November when the famed showrunner tweeted:

It looks like this wasn’t just a fun quote of everyone’s favorite vampire writing author!

The news came from Paramount TV president Amy Powell who was recently asked for an update and stated that Fuller is working on ‘the Vampire Chronicles initiative’ which is an option that the studio has on all 11 of Rice’s books so far:

“Bryan Fuller is working with Anne Rice and Chris, who are writing the pilot. We are hoping he chooses to stay on and potentially showrun.”

While he is working on ‘Vampire Chronicles,’ it isn’t clear how involved he will be past the pilot. From the stylings of his shows to character development to the undertones of sexuality in every scene – Fuller can nail the themes of Rice’s work. As much as I want him to return to ‘Hannibal’ for another season, I really hope he gets along well with Anne and her son and executive producer Christopher Rice to move ahead with the series.

Christopher is currently tapped as the lead writer and showrunner though I suspect the studio would be comfortable with the two sharing these duties if the Rices and Fuller ended up working something out.

No word from Fuller at this time as to if he’ll be working on the series at all past the pilot.

Would you like to see the Rices and Fuller work out a deal to keep him on board the ‘Vampire Chronicles’ moving forward? Does this show feel like the perfect work for the type of vision which Fuller likes to craft? Share your thoughts below!

Source: io9