Things are heating up for Michael B. Jordan with the upcoming release of ‘Fahrenheit 451‘ on HBO, so we’re happy to share that his next project will be ‘Failsafe’ on Netflix! While ‘Fantastic Four‘ didn’t perform well, we know that Jordan hit it out of the park with his epic portrayal of Erik Killmonger in the Marvel Studios blockbuster release of ‘Black Panther’ so it’s exciting that Jordan is returning to a comic adaptation – even if it’s not a Marvel tne.

The one downside is that at this time he is only attached to produce and not act in ‘Failsafe.’ As we all know, Netflix does the genre justice more often than not so as long as we’re not watching a non-martial artist trying to play one of the best martial artists in the world, I think we’ll be okay!

Netflix recently picked up ‘Failsafe’ from Vault Comics which was created by F.J. DeSanto, Todd Farmer, and Federico Dallochio. The series is set in America in the near-future and follows a man who is known for being able to hunt down cybernetically enhanced supersoldiers. He’s been retired from the job, but when a sleeper agent cell brings the program he had been tracking down back online, he finds himself in the field once again.

Jordan will be producing with DeSanto and Alana Mayo through their Outlier Society Productions banner. The actor turned producer will be teaming up with Joe Robert Cole for the script which was a co-writer of ‘Black Panther’ and will also be helping produce the series. At this time, Jordan isn’t set to act in the show but would be an excellent choice for the lead character, John Ravane.

Are you eager to see Netflix adapt ‘Failsafe’ for your favorite streaming device? Do you feel that he would be the perfect choice to play John Ravane in the series or do you have another actor in mind? Share your thoughts below!

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