We learned from Kevin Bacon that Syfy decided to pass on bringing the ‘Tremors’ television series to life and the director of the pilot is “baffled” about it. There hasn’t been any indication as to why it was pulled, but we do know that after the first script was produced that Amazon had pulled out of the deal. Now, both the writer and director have weighed in that they have no idea why it the network didn’t greenlight the series, especially when early screenings seemed to have been well received by audiences and the network.

On Twitter, director Vincenzo Natali was asked if another network might pick up the show and shared”

“I suppose it’s possible. People loved it, and it tested great. I am baffled by this decision.”

Natali wasn’t the only one to chime in as the Andrew Miller who wrote the pilot not only spoke about it but shared a few new shots of an older Kevin Bacon in character. You can tell he wasn’t thrilled with this decision in the slightest:


Not only did this look to blow the original ‘Tremors’ TV series out of the water which aired on Sci-Fi back in 2003 but the Internet has been quite favorable to the idea so far. While we can hope another network still snags the rights to the franchise, I suspect we’ll only be seeing Graboids in the Michael Gross movies from here on out.

Do you think Syfy should have ordered the series or was this one destined for failure? Which network or streaming service do you think would have the highest chance of picking this up? Share your thoughts below!