We haven’t learned too much about the plot of ‘Aquaman‘ but did discover that the film will be a “Shakespearean story” when it comes to the elements of sibling rivalry. Anyone who knows the character has an appreciation that family problems run deep in Aquaman’s backstory and we’ll see how far into the depths director James Wan plans to bring them.

As he is now describing them as a “Shakespearean” level of sibling rivalry that is placed into the fantastic world of the DCEU, it seems that the stakes will be high with enemies found outside and within Atlantis.

James Wan shared this nugget last Tuesday at CinemaCon Las Vegas where he was talking about the family drama between Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry and his brother, Patrick Wilson‘s Orm:

“The main antagonist in this movie is Orm. And Black Manta, played by Yahya [Abdul-Mateen], is caught up in that world with them as well. But the main drive really is, it’s almost a very classic Shakespearean story about brother from another world vs. brother from another world. And it really is a classic story of sibling rivalry.”

The fun part about this is that our villains here won’t use dangers that come from another world or universe but something a bit closer to home as:

“We’re used to superhero movies where the threat is from another dimension or aliens from another universe coming here and trying to destroy our Earth. But we haven’t seen one where the main threat is from a massive, massive civilization that is right under our nose, in the ocean.… The idea that there could be a massive civilization living right underneath [us] that we don’t know about is kind of scary and exciting.”

Early footage from the film was shared that shows Atlantis as well as setting up what was at stake. We see Aquaman and Amber Heard’s Mera traveling through the depths of the ocean in an underwater craft as well as Orm himself who is addressing an arena and states “My brother has come from the surface to challenge me for the throne.”

Another scene shows just how little love is lost between Orn and humanity as he declares “War is coming to the surface, and I’m bringing the wrath of the Seven Seas with me.”

It isn’t just the throne of Atlantis which is at stake here but a possible war against humanity as well.

Are you excited to hear a bit more of what we can expect when ‘Aquaman’ debuts this December 21st, 2018? Do you feel that the sibling rivalry angle will help us further relate to Momoa’s character or is an overdone trope in movies these days? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly